Mni Wichoni horizontal logo depicting buffalo amidst wildflowers and herbs


Mni Wichoni Health Circle provides purposeful care that models, teaches, and nurtures our people at every stage and in every role in the circle of life.

We promote holistic community wellness by uplifting Indigenous ancestral knowledge systems while integrating contemporary practices to build spiritual, emotional, physical, and mental balance.



Jayne Young Bear,

Midwife/Traditional Birth Support Relative

Valerie Eagle Shield,

Birth & End-of-Life Support Relative

Maya Runnels,

Birth & End-of-Life Support Relative

Deb Gray Eagle,

Yutheca Land Steward

Land Steward with prairie turnip harvest

Della No Heart,

Yutheca Land Steward


Kirah Morsette, Working on Bachelors of Public Health at University of North Dakota

Regan Dunn
Graduated with Bachelors of Social Work at Sitting Bull College


Zane Prentice,

Board President, Solidarity Relative

Anna McLaughlin,

Board Treasurer

Tonya Hertel,

Board Secretary

Beverly Little Thunder,

Governance Relative

Baylee LaCompte,

Mission Relative


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Medic Healers
Nonprofit focusing on free clinic
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