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[Infographic to represent the Circle and the different programs that connect to each]

Ina Ohochoka

Birth Support Circles

In 2024, we started Birth Support Circle programming for families, support systems, and community members to prepare to start a family, welcome their new babies into this world, and to offer support in their sacred prenatal and postpartum periods of parenthood. In Lakota lifeways, children are called Wakhanyeza (sacred beings), and we want families to feel supported and uplifted during these sacred times of preparation and rest. We also want to remind support systems and community members that every single wakhanyeza is a gift to our people.

During these monthly sessions, which take place every 4th Tuesday of the month from 4-7pmCST, we will offer a variety of teachings, have meaningful conversations, create sacred items for the wakhanyeza and families, and of course share beautiful and delicious meals together.

Eligibility (the whole family is encouraged to participate and learn together):

  1. Must identify as Indigenous
  2. Must be expecting and/or have a child/foster child and/or preparing to conceive and would like support
  3. Must participate in talking circles


All supplies are included at every event.

Indigenous doula & Indigenous Birth Keeper Supports

Family Planning, Support & Healing


Baby Welcoming & Birth Ceremonies

Twice a year, we will offer a community Hoksichantkiyapi (publically welcoming of baby) ceremony for community members. During this ceremony we will invite families to participate in welcoming their babies into the community in a beautiful way surrounded by family and community members. We will end with a meal and a giveaway to honor the wakhanyeza who are gifting our community with their presence and beauty.

Intergenerational Care Community

end-of-life indigenous doula supports & traditional ceremonies