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Chanwape Txo Wi- Moon when the Leaves Turn Green (5.7.2024 to 6.5.2024)

Summer is on the horizon. Many people are planning their garden, starting seeds, and preparing for ceremony season. Notice the color variations are things come alive. Listen to the sounds of the local birds as they are returning from migration and building their nests. As you step outside, take a deep breath in, smell changes […]

Nourishing Nettles

Sitting Bull Visitor Center 9296 Highway 24, Fort Yates, ND, United States

Mitakuyapi! Relatives! Saturday, June 1st We will be collaborating with the Sitting Bull College Visitor Center to learn all about nettles. Join us for tea time, treats, s we will learn about the many uses of this versitile plant. We will be meeting at the Sitting Bull Visitor Center at 9am to gather together before […]